For years, we have been told that fat makes us gain weight, increases our cholesterol and blocks our arteries. A more modern trend of medicine starts to contradict this principle and blames modern sicknesses...from modern food! As my very good friend and brilliant Doctor in Human Nutrition Guillermo Navarrete (@nutrillermo) says, "all those food products created by Nature, produce health and taste; all those products created/processed by humans, produce money". This is key. 
As a kid I remember my grandparents enjoying large pieces of acorn fed, 100% iberico pig back fat slowly cooked for hours by the skilled culinary techniques of my grandma. And let me tell you: none of them suffered from high cholesterol or any of the modern pathologies caused by the current alimentary habits. Bread? Yes, but made by my little town baker (1000 people -La Alberca, in Salamanca, Spain-) from mother dough. Sugar? little or none. Wine? A glass at lunch, by not? Oils? Yes, extra virgin olive oil, nothing else. 
When people refuse to enjoy our Bellota 100% iberico jamon because "it has fat" and then go to overeat at any of the modern fast food restaurant chains, I feel that there is something wrong with us all. 
We are not what we eat, but what we eat, eats (sorry @nutrillermo, this sentence is yours too, i know...). Fortunately, the way our Acorn Fed 100% Iberico pig is raised hasn't changed that much in the last few centuries (and if you still want a ham like the one made centuries ago, remember we also offer the 100% ORGANIC): they freely feast on natural/fallen acorns, grasses and anything Nature provides until they double their size. The fat produced by the animal comes from a natural diet, with high amounts of healthy acids (the oleic one, for instance - same as EVOO!) so, in addition to adding flavor to the meat, it has healthy attributes. 
If you want pig/beef or any other naturally fed animal with no fat, please, buy chicken. But then think: if we are what we eat eats, am I eating healthy?

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