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Suckling Pig (Cochinillo), Segovian Style. Imported from Spain. 8-12 lbs. FREE SHIPPING!

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Whole animal, raw and frozen (not ready to eat - must be cooked).

8-10 Lbs aprox. Each cochinillo serves 6-7 people. 

Segovia, close to Madrid, it's famous for its Roman aqueduct and also for its wonderful cochinillos, or “suckling pigs,” which many local establishments specialize in roasting to perfection. 

It was near impossible to find in the US (for you to make sure the pig is 100% milk-fed, the pig cannot be too big, around 12 lbs max!), until now! So if you got a master in the roasting skills, please, try this out! 

Juicy in the inside and with a the tender, crispy skin, it will take you to that small city of Castilla where you had that great culinary experience. Enjoy the trip.