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Paleta de Bellota 100% Iberico Deshuesada - Boneless Acorn Fed 100% Iberico shoulder. 4-5lbs.

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All natural, Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Shoulder, also known as "Pata Negra". Boneless, trimmed and formed for a perfect slicing and maximum yield. 

If Acorn Fed 100% Iberico ham is the King of Hams, this Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Shoulder is the Queen. Made from 100% Iberico breed of pigs fed on acorns.

This unique product is made from 100% Iberico breed of pigs fed on acorns during the “Montanera” (or acorn season) period in which the pigs roam freely feasting on acorns. During this time (5-6 months) the pigs double their sizes on acorns, going from 200 to 400lbs of weight.

If you ever go to Spain and want to see these pigs, make sure you head west, from
Salamanca to Andalucia: that’s the area where the “Dehesa”, a Mediterraneam
ecosystem, is found. That’s the paradise for pigs, and the perfect habitat to Iberico.
That is also where FERMIN is located, in La Alberca, Salamanca. They are the first
company USDA approved, a family business that makes ham in the most traditional way since 1956.

LA JAMOTECA selects every single FERMIN ham that we bring to the US so we know our customers can get the top of the line products in every order.