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Pasture raised 100% Iberico Shoulder Ham / Paleta de cebo de campo 100% Iberica (10-12 lbs)

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Free range, 100% Iberico Shoulder (Paleta cebo de campo 100% Iberica)

This 100% Iberico Shoulder (Paleta de cebo de campo 100% Iberica) comes from the hind leg of the free range pigs fed on a grass and grain based diet. Cured for around 18-20 months.

Shoulders are smaller than hams (10-12 lbs), therefore it takes shorter to cured (around 2 years), and that is also the reason why they are more affordable than hams. In terms of quality, however, paleta has a concentration of flavor and juiciness as high as ham.

In this case, this shoulder is made from a 100% Iberico breed of pig (meaning both mother and father are 100% Iberico breed) that enjoys life outdoors, ranging freely in the “Dehesa”, the natural environment to the Iberico pig. It’s diet is based on grass, grains, roots and anything nature provides.