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Boneless Iberico Ham / Jamon de cebo de campo 50% Iberico sin-hueso

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100% Iberico Ham Boneless (Jamon 100% Iberico Sin-hueso)

Made from free range 50% Ibérico pigs (100% Iberico mother and a 100%
Duroc father), fed on a grass and grain based diet. Cured for 36 months.

The Spanish government under the oversight of the Ibérico Quality Norm, has implemented new labeling regulations requiring Ibérico products to include specific information about breed and feed percentages.

The difference between these Ibérico products is based on the breed and the feeding factor of the pig. In this case, this ham is made from a 50% Iberico breed of pig (meaning 100% Iberico breed mother and 100% Duroc breed father) that enjoys life outdoors, ranging freely in the “Dehesa”, the natural environment to the Iberico pig. It’s diet is based on grass, grains, roots and anything nature provides. An extraordinary product with a lower price point than the 100% Iberico.

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