Why us? - La Jamoteca

Why us?

Life is, as Steve Jobs said, about connecting the dots.

When my grandfather Fermin Martin established the company, FERMIN, in 1956, he never thought it would become the first producer from Spain to get approval from USDA to sell Iberico ham in the US. And neither thought my father, when he set me by his side –at 6 or 7 years old- at the store he used to run that, one day, that seed he planted would grow on the other side of the Atlantic in form of love for food and customer service. And that’s how, after connecting the dots, La Jamoteca is born.

At La Jamoteca we all share the passion (Spain is all about passion, by the way!) for the best food products and for bringing them to the US. Because food takes you places, brings memories and connects people: we are able to travel anywhere in one bite! (and, of course, we all love to travel). But talking about travels, I promise you guys something: I don’t want to go to Mars. I don’t think I’ll be able to sell all these amazing products there. So, please, if you plan on getting gourmet products, buy them from someone who really has the passion, the knowledge and the love for food. Buy your ham, wine, caviar or truffle from someone for who you and what you eat are a priority, not to travel to another planet. And, to be honest, I also believe the food we bring from Spain/Europe is way better than what we can get from Mars, right? #supportsmallbiz #loveforfood


Why us? - La Jamoteca