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Ham Carving Service (Servicio de Corte)

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Did you get a ham and don't know how to carve it (i mean...properly)? Or is your ham drying out and you need to do something with it?  

LA JAMOTECA now offers carving services, both if you are in Miami or anywhere else in the US! 

All the carving is done by hand by our team of skilled master carvers, in short and paper thin slices. The ham is then plated in 4-5oz plates (yes, includes the plate) and vacuum packed. By the time you receive your ham, it'll be ready to serve on the table! We'll also send you back the bone and the small chunks of ham (tacos, in Spanish) that we get out of the ham. 

How does it work? Easy! 

1.- If you are in Miami, just bring it to our store (359 Miracle Mile) and we'll give you a date to pick up your ham (usually 2-3 days). 

2.- If you live anywhere else in the States, just send us the ham and we'll carve it for you!  

PRICE: we'll hand carve your ham, plate it and vacuum pack it (4-5oz plates) for only $199. Shipping (in and out) not included. 

***Depending on the demand, this service may be unavailable. Contact us to confirm!